Unlocking comfort and savings – The top benefits of uPVC double glazing windows

2 November 2023 | General

As autumn and winter arrive and we bed down for cold and wet days ahead, those of us who have double glazed windows will know how well they protect our home against the elements, while saving us money too.

If you haven’t gone down the double glazing route – or your existing double glazing could do with an upgrade – here are just 7 benefits of uPVC windows.

Thermal performance

Anyone who’s had double glazing installed will always talk about how much warmer their home is as a result. Double glazing is made up of two panes of glass separated by a spacer, creating a sealed gap. This vacuum is then filled with inert gas and sealed, preventing heat loss and keeping it exceptionally warm. For example, our casement windows, popular across the West Midlands, are engineered to achieve the highest window energy ratings. The effect of this is to keep energy bills low while creating a lovely and cosy atmosphere right around the home.

casement windows on home

A range of styles

When it first arrived in the UK at the end of the 1970s, double glazing was very uniform – white plastic – and looked out of place in many of Britain’s older properties. Today, the range of styles is light years away from those humble beginnings. Double glazed windows are now manufactured to suit all styles of homes – even listed buildings – and customers are now spoiled for choices that include Casement, Tilt and Turn, French, Vertical Sliding, Bay and Bow. Our flush sash Resurgence window is a good example of how the market has changed. This is a jointed timber replica window that provides all the charm of a traditional wooden window while boasting all the benefits of a 21st century uPVC design,

Great colour choice

Along with more styles, uPVC manufacturers now produce a range of colours that again will suit almost every type of property. Popular colours now include Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, black and Irish Oak. White is still very popular, fitting well into houses built in the 1960s and 70s.

Top notch security

In days gone by, the single glazed window with the dodgy wooden frame was the perfect entrance point for a burglar on the prowl. Today, he’d have a very hard time getting through a modern uPVC double glazed window. The airtight seal between the two panes of glass makes the whole unit extremely tough. And when you combine these elements with some robust window hardware, including multi-point locking systems fitted as standard, you’ve got an almost impenetrable line of defence against any intruders.

Aluk flush fit windows

Noise reduction

In the years since double glazing arrived in the UK, car ownership has reached 35 million vehicles on the roads. And not forgetting more lorries, buses and motorbikes. That’s a lot of extra noise we all must put up with, especially living on and around the West Midlands’ extremely busy roads. Double glazing has great noise reduction properties and even in the busiest areas it can reduce noise by up to 30 decibels. This makes a significant difference to how we experience noise, creating a happier and healthier atmosphere indoors.

Low Maintenance

Timber windows look great but need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good repair, especially in our climate. Not so uPVC double glazing. It’s incredibly easy to maintain, requiring little more than the occasional wipe-down to keep windows looking fresh and sparkling. Also, double glazing’s all-important airtight seal prevents condensation from building up, meaning that you’ll rarely – if ever- have to look at those unsightly droplets again.

Highly durable

uPVC is tough, no doubt about that. The frames can withstand the most extreme elements and are not affected by rot and corrosion which is great for properties located near the seaside where high salt levels in the air can cause corrosion. Also, the average life of a uPVC window can range between 40-80 years and are made from mostly recyclable materials, helping to improve your home’s carbon footprint.

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